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Local fresh cuisine
for everyone


Simple and honest food. Back to basics, done really well. Real food in its natural form, full of flavour and delicately served.


A humble eating experience, using Fable grown produce and carefully sourced suppliers from the Midlands area.


Our simple Menu reflects things we like to eat and we hope you do too. With colours that reflect our gardens and tastes of the changing seasons, we want our customers to feel at home and feel spoilt at the same time. 


We have created an serene yet fun ambiance with the sounds of flowing water and coffee grinders. 


Our aim is to create a space for our customers to fall in love with and continue coming back for more.


Explore our gardens this summer

The Fable Gardens are a newly developed landscape for the playfully minded. Filled with secret corners, tunnels and even a maze. Using taste, touch, smell, sound and sight to interact with nature discovering as you go. Bringing us back to basics.


Bookings & Opening Times

We can only accommodate a table up to 12 and have limited space for large groups of 10 to 12. Therefore please book in advance on our WhatsApp Line.

072 046 7516


Fable Eatery

Open 7 days a week

Monday - Saturday

8am - 4pm


8am - 3pm


Fable Taproom


11am - 9pm

Friday & Saturday

11am - 9pm


11am - 5pm

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